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Paesel + Lorei - Pharmaceutical Trade and CRO Suppliers

The immense responsibilities associated with dealing in medicines are the fundamental principles guiding our optimal individualized client services.

Within the framework of realignment the Paesel and Lorei Group are conducting their entire pharmaceutical and merchandise marketing business through Paesel + Lorei GmbH & Co. in the free port of Duisburg,  Germany,  in co-operation with the local Paesel and Lorei Logistics Centre.

Individual distribution services specifically aligned to the requirements of our clients ensure that all products are available in an optimal quality across all country borders for the given client target groups.

Duisburg, in the strategic vicinity of Düsseldorf Airport, forms the logistics platform for the entire range of pharmaceutical products for instant sale to all market participants at a national and international level.

Paesel + Lorei is responsible for the sale of selected, indication-related medical products that are required by public pharmacies and clinics with specialized facilities.